key features

  • Programs Management
  • Faculty Management
  • Admission Process
  • Event Module


An USA based client contacted us to develop sports-related website from where the client can display all about his firm. As they have pre-primary school and they want to show all activity, programs, faculty, News about them school, Menu provided to every child, Admission process and forms, Event calendar and contact form.

The objectives of the project were clear from the requirement and below are the key feature which our client wish to have in the web application.

  • Admin can add faculty from custom post type faculty to backend
  • Admin can add all programs, News, Menus and Admission content from backend .
  • User can contact through contact form.
  • User can see Gallery , events and menu provided by school.
  • User can see event calendar from parent can see about school events.


IT Path Solutions has developed education/school website with customization in WordPress using MySQL Server as backend database. We had built the different custom post type from backend and use it to display data in front end.

Below are modules and its functionalities which are created by us.

  1. Programs CPT
    • Admin can add category in Programs post
    • Admin can add Programs post and assign it to the Programs
  2. Faculty CPT
    • Admin can add Faculty details
  1. Admission Process
    • User can schedule a visit through contact form
  2. Event Module
    • Admin can add future Events with all details about events like location and time.
    • Users can see all future events through the calendar.


IT Path - Website Development Company had successfully completed education website within time frame. Client is happy with result.

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