key features

  • User Profile
  • Manage Schedule for health


Vytal gives its users 360 degree view of each family member’s health, with features that include

  • Manage health profile and emergency profile of each family member.
  • Print out wallet size emergency card
  • Get timely SMS reminders for medicines, doctors appointments, vaccinations. Remotely set reminders for your loved ones.
  • Get personalized recommendations on routine health checks and vaccinations
  • Manage menstruation, ovulation, pregnancy and antenatal calendars
  • Track and create charts for blood pressure, sugar, weight or any health condition for a meaningful doctor visit
  • Not just store the scanned copies of your health documents and reports but as part of premium Vytal+ membership get them digitized for more meaningful insight.
  • Place order for medicines or search for a medical specialists nearby (limited geography)


  • Payment Intrgration Intrgrate payment module to pay directly from credit card for Vytal+ membership
  • Graph Integration Integration on Graph for health care and Vytal track.


Family Doctor is very simple. Client needed simple & decent UI. At the end he was 100% satisfied UI and overall quality of app.

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Countries We Serve

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  • UK (United Kingdom)
  • USA
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  • Sweden
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  • New Zealand
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  • Europe
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