key features

  • Record and view live stream using various profiles like Low, Medium, HD etc
  • Manage PTZ operations like Panning, Tilting, Zooming and managing Presets
  • Play recorded video for specific selected time slot in custom flow player
  • Manage access permission to camera for any user or group for viewing recording, managing presets and PTZ operations
  • Admin panel for add camera, give camera permissions, add use, recording profiles etc.
  • Manage dynamic DNS for application


For record camera view we have built one service which will continuous run and record 5-5 min video using ffmpeg exe and save recording start and end date time into DB and save recorded video files into physical directory. We have faced major recording issue while recording videos using ffmpeg, in that first video end time must be the start time of second video and we are not able to record the video from the end of first video and approx. 1 or 2 second video getting missed up while recording

To play recorded video in flow player we have used nimble server. In that from the network user can easily get the URL of recorded video with nimble server port and it is not good as per security point of view and Anonymous user should not access camera video streams directly via browser and user cannot download stream videos, because it may request to nimble server and server will returns response as a stream.

As per client requirement we have to implement HLS video recording with flow player & nimble. We have to setup nimble configuration without WMS panel and that was big challenges. For configuring nimble with http and https we have to configure nimble.config and rules.config file. Nimble streamer is useful to play HLS streaming videos using any HLS video player. After setting up nimble we have setting up HLS camera video URL into flow player to play that video.


In that we had implemented multiple threads. Earlier we have implemented logic such as we have keep thread in sleep until the whole video not recorded completely and due to that reason recording process for recording video is getting delayed and we are not able to record from the end time of first video. So, to resolve this issue we have keep thread in sleep for the time of video length instead of waiting for the complete first video recording process.

For restrict user from getting video URL we have implemented reverse proxy server which will first authenticate user request for play video and if request is valid then only it will communicate to nimble server and revert back the response to the flow player. For validating request we have created unique token and pass the token with every video URL, and if token is matched with database token, then the request will consider as valid otherwise it is invalid and proxy server will return access denied to the flow player

We have downloaded nimble setup for windows first and installed it, after installation nimble had created configuration files in its config directory. We need to setup nimble configuration without subscription of WMS panel, so for that we did research it on Google and found sample rules configuration. After that we have setup nimble rules config folder and map vod folder on that file. We need to setup nimble configuration in nimble config file, first step is we must specify nimble service port, default will be 8081 you may change it later on. For setting up SSL with nimble we need to specify nimble SSL port in nimble config file, you must specify certificate file path and key for that file.


We have successfully developed Clear Vision application for handling CCTV camera with key features requested by client.

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