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Concrete5 : Why We Use Concrete5 CMS?

By: | Tags: , | January 11, 2019

Concrete5 Content Management Systems (CMS) is used to develop the websites. As like other CMS platform it offers the ability to log in and manage the content of the website without any support of web developer.

We should know the advantages and disadvantages to a Concrete5 CMS to be aware of them before investing in it.

Pros of Concrete5 CMS
  • You can freely modify and sharing your code without worrying about licensing fees.
Native Content Blocks
  • Concrete5 is offering unique ability to drag and drop content blocks within the template, so it’s easy to editing and having the awesome organizational ability.
Easy to Use
  • It is easy to use and install with little experience in web development and code
SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • It offers many SEO tools for adding a meta description, and so forth, On the backend helping to ensure that your site stays in google
Multiple Site Permission
  • Concrete5 has the ability to assign various permissions based on different level of administration and controlling who can edit and maintain the website.
Cons of Concrete5 CMS
Smaller Community
  • Concrete5 has a much smaller community, for finding answers to your questions and help for issues is very difficult than other content management system.
More Commercial Add-ons
  • On another side, Concrete5 comes with many cool features, the however additional add-on is available for purchase.

Concrete5 is one in every of the highest content management systems as a result of straightforward to use still as high practicality. Concrete5 might not be the simplest alternative for everybody. Drupal, WordPress, Joomla, or a custom approach would possibly work higher for others within the long run. If you need help for choosing a CMS, you can contact IT Path Solutions.


Difference Between:- Angular5 vs ReactJS and Vue.js : What to Choose ?

By: | Tags: , , | January 04, 2019

JavaScipt frameworks are developing very fast nowadays, meaning that today we frequently updating the versions of angular, reactJS and Vue.js.
As we analyzed the number of open vacancies worldwide that require expertise in a specific framework. As per the source of, we got the graph of more than 60,000 job offers.

Here we share the advantage and disadvantages of frontend framework and help to developers, engineers or professionals to choose best one framework.

Angular JS Framework

The Angular.js Development is an open-source JS framework is backed up support by Google itself. It is mainly adopting by the startups and SMEs (Small to medium – scale Enterprises ) as it is supporting for simplifies testing with fast app development.

Benefits of Angular.js
  •  It provides two-way data binding with great DOM programming interface. and its consistently and regularly updated and as it is maintained by Google.
  • Its model is the plain javascript object with the old structure that is very easy to maintain, reuse and test.
  • It is easy to get support because the community size is huge.
  • It also works on a highly documented architecture.
  • New features like enhanced RXJS, faster compilation ( in under 3 sec.).
  • MVVM (Model – View – ViewModel)
Drawbacks of Angular.js
  • For some developers or programmer, it is tough to learning path of angular js.
  • The scopes used in angular.js are comparatively difficult to understand.
  • For effectively used of it, you need to have very good background knowledge.
  • In some different browser, its take extra time to render because of the DOM elements are involved in this.
  • Migration issue can appear while moving old version to latest version.
ReactJS Framework

ReactJs Development is a javascript library, opensource by facebook in 2013. When people working with reactJS they are dividing into two groups. One group stating as a framework and other one is describing as a javascript library. Its amazing user interface used in two of the most popular social media platforms – Facebook and Instagram are made on React.js.
This framework is prominently used to develop web as well as mobile user interface and that why react is not just a framework its considered as a ‘View Layer’.

Benefits of React.js
  • Easy to learn because of simplicity in term of syntax.
  • High level of flexibility and maximum responsiveness.
  • Used virtual DOM in react js that allow to arranging the documents in HTML, XHTML, or XML formats into a tree which is better for a browser as parsing the different elements of a web app.
  • For every different browser, it’s providing a great compatible event model to updates very fast.
  • 100% Open source javascript library.
  • Absolutely light-weighted because the data performing on user side can easily be represented on server side simultaneously.taneously.
  • Using the React components, the code can be reused easily.
  • As React community has made itself an impressive base. the developer can use many different tools as they go along with React smoothly.
Drawbacks of React.js
  • For Javascript developer, as using react syntax and its DOM creation process may look a little odd to you.
  • For using React.js there is requires some prior experience if a developer wants to use some additional libraries for a development project.
  • Sometimes it takes more time to figure out the differences between the current DOM and the virtual DOM.
Vue.js Framework

Vue.js is a javascript framework, launched in 2013. Its used to create the highly adaptable user interface and for single page applications.
At the end of 2017, Vue was tied for 3rd most downloadable javascript framework.
Even Facebook has used Vue for a marketing page.

Benefits of Vue.js
  • Empowered HTML. That means it has much similar functionality of angular js
  • Detailed documentation.
  • Adaptability. easy to move on vue.js framework because of similarity with angular and react in terms of architecture and design.
  • Awesome integration. It is used for single page applications as well as more difficult web interface of apps.
  • Large scaling. It helps to use a large reusable template which can be made with no extra time allocation for that as per its simple structure.
  • Tiny size. Its weight is around 20kb. that keeping its speed and flexibility which is gives better performance in comparison to other frameworks.
Drawbacks of Vue.js:
  • Lack of resources. It has a small market in comparison to react and angular.
  • Risk of over flexibility. Vue.js might have issues while integrating huge projects.
  • Lack of full English documentation. There is a partial complexity in some stage of development.

There is no substantial difference which framework to choose Because it just takes time to get used to new one. In so many companies are growing with react.js and angular.js, but Vue.js is also in demand and on board. Every framework has its own benefits and drawbacks, Meaning that we have to choose the right choice for every single case during the development of the project.


How IT Path Solutions Can Help With Gutenberg Development

By: | Tags: , | December 22, 2018

In 2018, WordPress can modernize, streamline, and change the content creation expertise with printer. It represents the most important amendment to the WordPress user expertise in many years. In fact, within the State of the Word 2017 Matt Mullenweg delineated its enduring importance as “the editor for future twelve years.” during this post, we have a tendency to hope to assist influential person purchasers and every one enterprise WordPress users perceive these exciting changes, and the way to best prepare your groups.

What is Gutenberg?

Gutenberg is that the codename for the new WordPress commercial enterprise expertise. It optimizes for direct manipulation of the visual presentation of the content, rather than through indirect means that, like met boxes. The building blocks of a printer post area unit, well, blocks. Blocks facilitate change the numerous ways that we have a tendency to build a page (short codes, widgets, custom hypertext mark-up language, media, text data formatting, and embeds) into one, searchable flow and UI umbrella. The name comes from Johann Gutenberg, the founding father of the press.

Following describe red arrow with Gutenberg Overview screenshot:-

An Introduction to the WordPress Gutenberg Editor Interface

It is somewhat the same as this WordPress Development TinyMCE editor; however, the most important distinction to you’d be the absence of the one text box for you which of them you presently use to write down and format all of your content.

Instead, you’ll have one huge white space that starts with ‘Write your story’. If you scan my post on what the WordPress printer editor is, you’ll understand that’s as a result of printer uses “blocks” to assist you to produce your content, instead of one text input space.

For a lot of data on what blocks area unit, I like to recommend that you simply scan my post higher than. However, as a fast refresher, a block will essentially be something. It can be:

  • A regular paragraph of text
  • An image
  • A CTA button
  • An embedded video

Third-party developers also will be able to code their own blocks to feature a lot of practicality.

How To Use the Gutenberg Editor Interface

Here area unit what the varied areas of the printer interface allow you to do:

  • Click this button to feature a replacement block.
  • Undo/redo buttons allow you to move forward or backward to edit simply, a bit like Microsoft Word.
  • This settings space includes several identical choices because of the current WordPress editor sidebar. It’s wherever you add categories/tags, Add and set the featured image, excerpt content, Allow comment options manage from here, select the commercial enterprise date etc.
  • Once you choose a personal block, this settings space includes settings that area unit specific to its block. It’s wherever you’ll select colors, styles, and different vital block-specific details.
  • These 2 buttons allow you to preview or publish your post, Click (+) round button select modules for content.

Blog Post Using the Gutenberg Editor

Now that you simply know the interface works, well, to associate extent, I’ll show you ways you’ll really use the printer to write down a journal post for your website.

For example, let’s say that you simply need to write down a journal post that includes:

  • Lots of normal text
  • An image
  • An embedded YouTube video
  • A table
  • A CTA button

Previously, you might’ve required some separate plugin or custom CSS to handle making a table and CTA however ton – but currently, you’ll do everything with the printer.

Following describe red arrow with Gutenberg Blog Post screenshot:-



Overview of AndroidX & How to Develop Project With AndroidX?

By: | Tags: , , | August 14, 2018


Google is rolling out a new package structure for Android development which is named as AndroidX.

Why introduced AndroidX, what would happen to existing Android?

We now that currently, android latest API for development is Oreo which is API level 27, now android is moving one step forward to a new operating system whose version would be API level 28.

The existing Android.* package hierarchy will be reserved for Android packages that are shipped with the operating system, means the existing android packages would only be used for Android OS own app such as camera app, message app, callapp etc.

Other packages will be issued in the new androidx.*package hierarchy, means the other new third-party application for API level 28 would be suggested to be developed with android.* package name.

Do you need to forcefully update to AndroidX?

No, the android.* packages will remain available on Google Maven for those apps versioned 27 and earlier.

How would I know what is the different-different packages version is for? What does it indicates?

Mainly there are three kinds of versioning semantics

  • MAJOR (e.g. 1.0.0 to 2.0.0) indicates that there is major API changes, so you need to check app after doing major updates.
  • MINOR (e.g. 1.0.0 to 1.0.1) indicates that this is some additions in some functionality in terms of backward-compatible management.
  • PATCH (e.g. 1.0.0-beta1 to 1.0.0-beta2) indicates that there is an improvement for backward-compatible and bug fixes to previous.

How to develop project with AndroidX?

Following are the things you need to take care when developing android application with AndroidX

Firstly, your new project needs to target API level 28 from build.gradlefile, because target API level 28 is necessary for AndroidX.

Secondly, you need to add following lines in your file



this would enable AndroidX support to your project.

Some of the examples of AndroidX packages:

Android AndroidX androidx.cardview:cardview:1.0.0-alpha1 androidx.recyclerview:recyclerview:1.0.0-alpha1 androidx.legacy:legacy-support-v13:1.0.0-alpha1 androidx.core:core:1.0.0-alpha1 androidx.multidex:multidex:2.0.0 androidx.appcompat:appcompat:1.0.0-alpha1

Whats is the latest version of AndroidX to use?

The first version of AndroidX was 1.0.0 alpha1 which were released on May 8, 2018

Currently, the latest version of AndroidX is 1.0.0-beta01 which is released on July 2, 2018


All You Would like to Know About – Overview and Advantage of .Net Technology

By: | Tags: , , , | February 27, 2018

Overview of .NET Framework

The .NET framework is software that is intended by the Microsoft. It runs totally on Microsoft Windows. It provides the language ability across many programming languages. The framework strives to offer a highly consistent object oriented programming environment. It can be used to create apps that run on multiple platforms. In short, these are desktop, mobile, as well as web apps that run on Windows-based devices, PCs, and servers it additionally includes the massive category library referred to as Framework category Library (FCL). These programs will run in software system atmosphere referred to as the Common Language Runtime (CLR). An interesting side of this framework is that it supports the creation of cross platform server apps that may swimmingly run across server platforms as Linux, Windows, and even mac. This Asp.Net Development framework can be utilized to configuration, designing & development, compilation, build program, create, incorporate, form, and deploy, send an application with its wide scope of help programs, code libraries, compilers, and APIs.

ASP.NET has been utilize by many wide range of developers for the developing web or window app and services on different devices and operating system. Here is its consistent developer expertise whereas building a variety of different applications. Another important think that need here is its consistent developer expertise whereas building a variety of various apps.

Advantages of .NET Technology

  • Everything that you just see within the .NET framework is an object. It’s the same for what you write within the framework. This implies that you simply get a powerful tool to not just access but also control your apps.
  • We can simply maintain our application because of separation of concern.
  • In the same time we are able to split several developers work at a time. It won’t affect one developer work to another developer work.
  • It supports TTD (test-driven development). We are able to produce an application with unit test. We are able to write won test case.
  • Latest version of MVC Support default responsive website and mobile templates.
  • We can diminish large part of coding and save lots of time of developers because of the development method of .NET.
  • .NET additionally remains for its program checking. It will promptly see any issues like infinite loops, memory spills, and so on. Not only this, it will likewise demolish these activities automatically and restart itself.


Reasons Why Node.js is Extremely Popular?

By: | Tags: , , , | January 19, 2018

Node.js may be a server technology familiar build and run internet applications, almost like what ASP.NET, Ruby on Rails or Spring Framework will. It uses JavaScript as its main language, a constitutional light-weight internet server and a full bunch of plugging managed through the Node Package Manager (NPM) that enables you to mildew your application to your desires, like adding Model-View-Controller options, reposeful services, OAuth and SSL security etc all.

One Language for every Layer

Technologies like ASP.NET or Spring needs developers to understand yet one more language to write down code on the server-side; be it C#, VB.NET, Java or the other. On the opposite hand, Node.js uses JavaScript each on the server and shopper facet, which means that developers solely have to be compelled to speak during a single language across all layers.

It’s JavaScript everyplace

One of the most important reasons why Node.js is thus well-liked is as a result of it uses JavaScript as its main language to create internet applications. And to be honest, JavaScript is currently the sole option to develop internet applications within the browser. What more! a replacement and sturdy framework is introduced quite oftentimes to web developers. Since JavaScript may be a language that almost all developers recognize or have used at some purpose of your time, the transition from another internet technology to Node.js may be a breeze. This makes it a most popular alternative among internet developers.

It’s simple to switch and maintain

JavaScript may be a footing between internet developers, that’s a noted reality. Most people understand JavaScript or have used it at some purpose in time; in fact, owing to this, transitioning developer from the other web technology to Node.js is simple as pie.

It is light-weight   

Node.js uses an event-driven design which implies everything done thereon, each single decision and operation, may be a chain of asynchronous callbacks. This enables Node.js to run on one thread, totally different to different internet technologies, which spawn a replacement thread per-client request. this can be the terribly foundation of the non-blocking I/O nature you will have detected that’s Node.js’ main feature.

Built in support for object databases   

It is extremely common for Node.js applications to use object databases like MongoDB. MongoDB, contrary to ancient SQL databases, it uses a document-based model rather than a relative model; this suggests that rather than tables, it uses objects resembling JSON. simply the proper account ORM fans.

It are often Hosted anyplace

Many internet servers and cloud-based hosting suppliers support hosting of Node.js internet applications out-of-the-box. To say a couple: Google, Microsoft IIS, Heroku, Microsoft Azure, Amazon (AWS), and a bunch others.


The Difference Between Laravel and Yii Framework

By: | Tags: , , , , | January 08, 2018

Laravel is one among the foremost standard PHP frameworks contains many advanced options helpful for fast application development. At first free in 2011, its latest version Laravel five.4 was free in Jan 2017 includes several glorious options. It’s an enormous scheme with fast hosting and readying platform. It owns a light-weight templating engine that is understood as Blade. It includes a neighborhood development setting “Homestead” that could be a packaged Vagrant box. This PHP framework supports net applications victimization its exquisite and stylish syntax that facilitate Laravel development or developers to form frequent task simply like sessions, authentication, queuing, likewise as relaxing routing and catching.

Initially, it absolutely was meant to support high-end PHP as alternative frameworks like ASP.NET, Ruby on Rails, etc. This powerful framework will access simply and conjointly integrates several strong tools helpful in making extremely reliable and large apps. These tools square measure straightforward migration system, nice inversion of management and therefore the integrated module testing system.

Yii is additionally a significant standard PHP framework wide used all across the planet. This open supply, component-based MVC designs and object-oriented framework includes many options helps to spice up the location performance because it becomes quicker as compared with alternative PHP frameworks. It utilizes lazy loading technique that produces it quicker. Yii relies on the Don’t Repeat Yourself (DRY) committal to writing construct helps developer to arrange logical and literate code base. It comes with a group of options that square measure AJAX-enables and integrated with jQuery. It implements easy the ming and skinning mechanism useful for underclassman. Its strong category code generator allows fast prototyping and OOP (object-oriented programming). It conjointly makes attainable to make code interactively victimization its web-based interface.

This is a perfect platform makes attainable advanced net app development quicker. For high-level net development as well as portals, forums, business apps, CMS, and lots of alternative advanced net development, Yii Development is that the best option. It provides several jailor solutions like multi-level cache support, No SQL databases, Active Record, likewise as question builder and a number of other additional. This climbable framework permits Yii developers to amend the ASCII text file of any section and conjointly produce your own extensions.


– once it includes security highlight, each Yii and Laravel give magnificent instruments to figure abuse wellbeing from SQL infusions, validation, passwords, comparatively as Cross site Scripting and Cross-Site Request Forgery, and so on. In Laravel, there aren’t sufficiently any apparatuses for getting to administration, however with the help of numerous expansion bundles, it makes available essentially.


When it includes get a handle on the qualification amongst Laravel and Yii, it turns into the choice of engineers to pick that will be that the best? As Laravel incorporates numerous superb choices and in addition Templating Engines, enormous no of augmentations, efficient testing strategies and loads of various for making the online advancement technique snappier and a great deal of temperate, it’s developing on the grounds that the standard option of PHP designers. In addition, Yii conjointly incorporates effective alternatives and offers larger amount security, designers needs to pick the structure bolstered the significance of choices inside the task and power concerning the system.

Comparison of Some Major Features Between Laravel and Yii Framework

Feature Laravel YII
Requirements Compatible with PHP 5.4 or higher versions, MCrypt PHP extension and PHP JSON extension compatible with PHP 5.4 or higher versions
Extensions Includes more than 9000 extensions Comprise 2800 extensions
MVC support


It supports MVC architecture


It supports MVC architecture
Object Relational Mapping DAO, Active Record Pattern (Eloquent ORM) , Doctrine 2 through plugins Information get to objects, Doctrine 2 through modules and Active record design.
Testing It supports Symfony testing instruments, for example, HttpKernel, BrowserKit, and DomCrawler with PHPUnit. It supports PHP unit out of the crate and in addition Codeception testing
Debugging It’s numerous investigating choices like logging, Imho (Limited yet supportive for tackling issues utilizing laravel-debugbar expansion. far reaching troubleshooting console, multi-level logging choices for debugging as well as database demands logging
Migrations Encourages designers to incorporate seeders facilitating in the smooth exchange of starting information and powerful testing methods. It makes information testing helpful and furthermore to fill static catalog. Offers awesome Migration Tool
Form Validation It involves frame approvals as a distinctive class with a specific end goal to approve the database anyplace and whenever. Its effective ORM can be stretched out for unification, proficiently. This is one of the capable highlights of Laravel. Its form approval is associated with the class of a shape or a model and empowers to arrange every one of the standards in the shape. It can audit in light of indicated administers subsequent to gathering information and fill it in Active Record. It have to assemble a custom confirmation for approve information inside the controller. Thus, in such case it turns into a tedious procedure.


15% Flat Discount 2017 Christmas/New Year Sale

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A merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all of you. We know that you are already in a party-frenzy mood as X-Mas and New Year are only few days away. Well, we felt this news is worth borrowing your time.

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Web Design Trends in 2016

By: | Tags: | July 09, 2016

With latest technology and powerful tools, web designing has become more popular and important. The websites are hub for the people who want information, start e-commerce business. And for that one needs creative web design to attract visitors.

Here are the best web design trends for 2016:

Motion UI: Motion UI is a Motion User Interface. It is used in core part of Google Apps. It gives a richer look and elegant feel. It would help to give animation effect with less coding efforts.

One-page Layout: One-Page design is most popular nowadays. Usually user gets frustrated when they have to scroll many times. By one page design it gives less efforts to scroll.

Animation: Animations do make a website live. It makes the website more natural and engaging. Animation is not only about animation – it’s more than it now.

Developers and Designers are working on these points to make websites more alive and beautiful.IT Path Solutions is also a popular company who believes in making some class apart websites with latest trend.

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