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What’s Mojave Offers You Need to Know About?

By: | Tags: , | August 20, 2018


Nowadays It’s time for mobile technology. Each and every possibility aesthetic on the mobile application. One of the awaited launch on every year is Apple WWDC with a new iPhone launch. On 4 jun,2018 apple does not launch iPhone sound like sad but they were proclaimed interesting new macOS Mojave(desert in California). Inspired by the desert at night,macOS Mojave is first Mac update without mountain themed name.

So what’s Mojave offers you need to know about?

                                                  Dark Mode

                                            “Shine your modesty”  

       Now you can switch to a dark mode to transform your desktop to dark mode colour theme. To try the dark mode feature here

                System Preferences -> General -> Appearance.

         Dark Mode works with built-in apps that come with your Mac, and third-party apps can adopt it too. It’s a free working environment that’s easy to your eyes. Now you can easily put your best work forward with the dark mode.

                                      Dynamic Desktop and Stacks

                                        “Natural beauty with cluttered”

                                                Dynamic Desktop

        How you can adobe natural beauty to mac. On Mojave update, Apple came up with the dynamic desktop. A desktop will change dynamically based on real-time whenever you are and what time on there sound like wow…!!!.

        A window that shows you the beauty of nature and that’s beauty in your work environment with time shifting desktop picture dynamically to match the time of day wherever you are.

“Mojave os update not based on any mountaineer theme as you can find natural beauty with dynamic desktop”


How you can manage different-different file to set up on your desktop.What if your OS can did it for you. Mojave’s stack will automatically organize your files to related sets of type. Now sorting by name, by the date you added, by the time you modified are become more powerful. It will help to easily manage metadata.

          “it’s better to get right things on right time and the mojave stack will do it”

                                                        Quick Look

                                       “do your work without file opening”

            Now you can perform a quick action on your image, pdf, audio, video and document file without opening the differently formatted file. On Mojave make your working experience smart enough to apply quickly perform actions on it. On single space tap user can mark up, crop, rotated image and pdf.

        With new Mojave quick look user can trim audio and video without even opening that audio and video files. The user can share different-different file format via mail, messages or airdrop.The user can share different-different dfffffileviaviiamail,messages or air drop. air drop.


Advantage of ReactJS & React Native

By: | Tags: , , | March 30, 2018

What Is ReactJS?             

ReactJS fundamentally is an open-source JavaScript library that is utilized for building UIs, particularly for single page applications. It’s utilized for taking care of reading layer for web and portable applications. React conjointly permits U.S. to make reusable UI parts. React was initially created by Jordan Walke, a technologist operating on Facebook. React initial deployed on Facebook’s newsfeed in 2011 and on in 2012.

React permits developers to make massive internet applications which might modification information, while not reloading the page. The most purpose of React is to be quick, scalable, and simple. It works solely on user interfaces in the application. This corresponds to look at within the MVC example. It is used with a mixture of different JavaScript libraries or frameworks, like Angular JS in MVC.

The Advantage of REACTJS:

One of the extremely cool elements of React is that the virtual DOM. Normally, after you develop an associated app that incorporates a heap of user interaction and information updates, you have got to fastidiously think about however your app structure goes to impact performance. Worse, as a result of the DOM is tree-structured, straightforward changes at the highest level will cause large ripples to the Programme?

Easy to Use React is humble to be told and simple to use, easy to test, and comes with an honest offer of documentation, tutorials, and teaching resources. Anybody UN agency comes from a JavaScript background will perceive and begin victimization React during a few days. This makes all the good things it will even bigger as a result of you’ll really use them briefly order.

Reusing code elements facilitate to save lots of plenty of your time.

ReactJS make developer’s work lot of easier and fast. It helps to debugging speed.

You can use ReactJS with any framework (Backbone.js, Angular.js) as it is only a view layer.

What Is React Native?

React Native is a framework for creating local applications utilizing JavaScript React Native gathers local application parts that make it feasible for you to fabricate local versatile applications. React and React Native, both the systems are fundamentally the same as, as React Native uses an arrangement of versatile custom-made segments carried by the React package.  A Number of that element are Text, Navigator, Text Input, ScrollView, and View together with local iOS/Android UI segments.

The Advantage of React Native:

Open Source

This is the chief attribute of React Native. It permits portable application designers to duplicate a large portion of the code with all the urgent rationale to another stage. This likewise shields your code from a few extra bugs.

Conveys a Feature-Rich Interface

With React Native, engineers can offer a local ordeal to clients with the guide of local segments. UI frames a noteworthy piece of application advancement and making it consistent in a half and half application is extremely monotonous. Respond Native enables engineers to streamline the execution of the application is simply the correct way.

In-Built Coding Standards

Changing from some other innovation to React Native is a one-time action. A developer is not required to totally patch up their code; rather, instead, they’ll produce parts, assemble, and rewrite the code terribly simply.

There is no more need to modify your current application. All you are required to do is include React Native UI parts into your current application’s code, without rewriting it.

React Native’s part based structure let the developers construct applications with a more agile, web-style approach than crossbreed systems.


New iOS 12 Release Date and Features

By: | Tags: , , | March 06, 2018

The next version of iOS – the package that runs on all iPhones and iPads – is probably going to hit our Apple handhelds within the season of 2018. This year’s update are going to be iOS 12. Currently, that iOS is sort of a teen, what will we tend to expect from it?

iOS 12 Release Date

iOS 12 will launch in September 2018.

Apple could be a creature of habit once it involves OS updates, and past nature powerfully points to iOS twelve being declared and demoed at WWDC in summer June 2018, before rolling out as a series of beta testing versions, initial for developers than as a part of a public beta.

The final public version of iOS 12 are going to be launched in season 2018; in all probability in September.

Features Expected In iOS 12

Cross-Platform Apps

In a current report, macOS and iOS 12 can work additional closely along, with third-party apps being “merged” across the platforms. Developers presently have to be compelled to style apps to be optimized for Apple’s completely different hardware product, together with iPhones, iPads, and Macs. iOS 12 is predicted to feature options within the backend that create it easier for app iPhone developers to form one app that may work across all the product.

Enhanced Music-Acknowledgment

The principle expansion to iOS 12 that is been wide hinted to is enhanced music-acknowledgment.

Digital Health

Apple has another an overplus of health-related options in recent iOS releases and iOS 12 may add a Digital Health tool designed to assist folks to monitor their children screen time.

Dark Mode

There have conjointly been rumours of options like a “dark mode” and individual user profiles on iPad.

Other iOS 12 options we tend to expect to examine square measure supported educated guesses employing a variety of patents that are awarded to the Californian technical school firm. If these don’t launch on iOS 12, we tend to expect to examine them in future versions of iOS.

iPhone ‘Panic Button’

Licensed back in July, this could see a ‘panic button’ designed with iOS that could be enacted utilizing a progression of touch signals. This could allow you to discretely involve facilitate while not others knowing.

Personal Alarms Supported Sleeping Patterns

This specific patent may conjointly embody updates to the WatchOS. Proprietary in a Gregorian calendar month, Apple has fancied a system which will confirm your sleeping patterns victimization your pulse, the phone and watch’s inbuilt mic, light-weight and motion sensors, and more. It may then total what time you arise and move to bed throughout the week, and at weekends, associated mechanically set an alarm.

New Messages Features

A Bloomberg report refers to enhancements to Apple’s social options that area unit designed to “more effectively connect users with their contacts”. Apple needs to supply a method to consolidate communications between users into single panels. For instance, two friends can be able to see all text messages, e-mails, and social network interactions between one another in a single window, in step with Bloomberg’s supply.

We’d prefer to see support for scan receipts in cluster iMessages – a feature accessible to WhatsApp and Facebook traveler.

Smart Wi-Fi

The P9 is one of various Huawei telephones to offer an element called Wi-Fi+ (or Wi-Fi+ 2.0). This includes various components, for example, the prioritization of more grounded associations, however, the one we like best is its capacity to naturally turn Wi-Fi on or off contingent upon your area. It recalls the area of known systems and actuates keeping in mind the end goal to go along with them, however, when you leave the territory it turns Wi-Fi off to spare battery.

Given the iPhones’ recent issue competitive on battery life with the top-end automaton devices, one thing on these lines would be a fine addition to iOS 12.

Additional Advanced Indoor Mapping

One of the better augmentations in iOS 11 was point by point indoor maps of airplane terminals and searching centers. In November, an Apple patent made this preface a stride additionally covering multilevel strip searching centers or more unpredictable structures, iPhone Development Company.

Best Mobile apps development company

How I Select Best Mobile App Development Platform?

By: | Tags: , , | November 22, 2016

Have you build your software on Android or iOS? Possibly each of them. Windows Phone or Blackberry maybe?

If you’re reading this text, it is because you’re unable to restore your thoughts with regards to the mobile app development platform. As in, how to pick the best one. Isn’t it?

Deciding on from among the multiple competing platforms requires a clear-eyed valuation of the target audience on your mobile app, the technical strengths and weaknesses of every platform and evaluate of the long-time period advantages of the platform.

What you should focus while selecting the best mobile app development platform?

1. Your Target Audience

This should be your main task. Before selecting the platform, you must know what type of audience you’re planning to target. For example, if you are planning to focus on Europe, keep in mind that the large number of Europeans prefers Android devices to iPhones. In America, users use both, while in Asia the situation may differ from country to country.

2. Features

You need to consider key features along with user experience. If you prefer to develop an app with native feel, you need to go for iOS or Android. In case, you’re developing an app that is consistent with every platform, you need to go for cross-platform development approach.

3. Supported Devices

In case you’re deciding to go for Android, you should keep in mind that Android holds 160 items. It is subjected to constant increase. While, Apple follows a different strategy. iOS 9 is compatible with 15 devices, among which there are various versions of iPads, iPhones and iPods. Windows Phone 8.1 currently works on 100 devices, while Blackberry is supported by only 10.

4. The Cost of Development

Keep in mind that your app needs to be cost-effective. The selection of a mobile app platform depends on the available budget to a great extent. This includes financial aspects such as software cost, infrastructure cost, user training cost, etc.

5. User Experience

An app that is not only engaging but also delivers functionality and performance at the same time. A good platform which can provides an optimized user experience can address the unique needs of your customers.

What you should know when selecting the platform for the development of app?

Talking about the platforms to pick, still remains a question mark. However, there are some guidelines that will let you differentiate among the different platforms:

1. Android Application Development


Since Android smart phone are ruling out in the market with highest number of shares and constantly changing dynamic environment of Google, this will help the company to target much larger user in the market. Due to continuous Google acquisitions and efforts, Android mobile technology has grown very much. Since android is open source programme it has low investment and high return of investment.

2. iOS Application Development


As per Apple report, it earns more revenue on from iPhone or iPad than on Google android which is 90% of all dollars spent on mobile devices. Apple users generally prefer to spend more on apps as compared to android users. Apple has high level of security and theirs apps are more secure as apple has marketed their product on premium brand category which leads to higher expectation by users.

With the upgrade of iOS 7 UI/UX and designing features, a new designing advantage has come to era of iOS. Xcode which is utilized by developers for developing app on Apple has an advantage of migrating an app from iPhone to iPad which is a bit lengthy process in android.

3. Cross Platform Development


One more alternative to reduce time & cost is to go for Hybrid Application Development framework also called cross-platform development. The main advantage of this application is that one code language can run on multiple platforms and is a less expensive and faster solution. They provide you with a native look and feel with the help of an HTML UI framework, CSS, JS technology.


Having played with various options, we made a conclusion that native platforms satisfy our client requirements best. That’s why we’ve focused on native iOS and Android programming languages.

Hope this article will help you to select the best platform for your app. Whichever platform you choose, IT Path Solutions will be there to help you develop useful, interactive and cost-effective mobile app. We help our clients not only develop their apps but also build their businesses and bring their revenue to a new level.


IPhone 7 and IPhone 7 Plus: Features That You Need To Know

By: | Tags: , | September 13, 2016

At the launch occasion in San Francisco, the iPhone revealed an upgraded iPhone that, while aesthetically just like the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus, has many important differences, along with a pressure-sensitive home button, superior camera, a faster processor and improved battery life, in addition to having no headphone jack. The phone is launching in the United State  on Friday, September 16th.

Apple iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus feature a design identical to the iPhone 6, but with muted antenna lines, and an all new jet black color option. Apple kept focusing on iPhone 7’s black color option only to remind everyone that there is something new in this device, after all.


Although Apple maintains the megapixel size steady at 12, the extended aperture (now f1.8) lens promises to let in 50% more light through the six-element lens. That’s better for all photographs, and also low-light photography, which Apple emphasized.

Apple has continually offered one of the best cameras amongst clever-phones, however lately, it has been losing ground against an excessively influential one packed on the Samsung Galaxy S7 phones. With iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, Apple is making an attempt to make it all even with regards to smart-telephone cameras.

The iPhone 7 starts at $649 and for the first time there’s now not a 16GB storage alternative. Instead, you can pick from 32GB, 128GB, and 256GB. The jet black color only has a 128GB and 256GB internal storage option. The iPhone 7 Plus starts at $769 and additionally has the same storage options.

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iPhone 6S features over iPhone 6

By: | Tags: , , , , , | November 17, 2015

Apple has announced its big launch iPhone 6s, an enhancement of iPhone 6. According to Philip Schiller, the senior vice president of Apple of marketing worldwide, “The main change in iPhone 6s is “3D touch which offer users to interact with iPhone in funny ways and live photos which brings your pictures to life”.

There are many other differences in both iPhones. iPhone 6s has changes compare to iPhone 6  in Specifications, Design, Display, Camera, Processor & storage and lastly of course Price. Let’s compare one by one. Major identical changes you can find below:

  • Specification:

You can figure out the specifications of both handsets here below and can compare both.table

  • Display:

Screen of both handsets are of 4.7-inch display with a 1334×750-pixel resolution at 326ppi only 3D touch which really differentiate both iPhones.

  • Design:

Both handsets looks same almost, both have slim metal unibody with curved edges but only difference is in dimensions and weight. iPhone 6s has 138.3 x 67.1 x 7.1mm and 143g while iPhone 6 has slightly thinner and lighter at 138.1 x 67 x 6.9mm and 129g.

  • Camera:

For first time apple has enhanced the count of megapixel of its handset camera since the iPhone 4s. In iPhone 6s has 12MP larger sensor than iPhone 6 that is 8MP. Front Camera also improved from 1.2MP to 5MP. It records 4k video now.

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