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All You Would like to Know About – Overview and Advantage of .Net Technology

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Overview of .NET Framework

The .NET framework is software that is intended by the Microsoft. It runs totally on Microsoft Windows. It provides the language ability across many programming languages. The framework strives to offer a highly consistent object oriented programming environment. It can be used to create apps that run on multiple platforms. In short, these are desktop, mobile, as well as web apps that run on Windows-based devices, PCs, and servers it additionally includes the massive category library referred to as Framework category Library (FCL). These programs will run in software system atmosphere referred to as the Common Language Runtime (CLR). An interesting side of this framework is that it supports the creation of cross platform server apps that may swimmingly run across server platforms as Linux, Windows, and even mac. This Asp.Net Development framework can be utilized to configuration, designing & development, compilation, build program, create, incorporate, form, and deploy, send an application with its wide scope of help programs, code libraries, compilers, and APIs.

ASP.NET has been utilize by many wide range of developers for the developing web or window app and services on different devices and operating system. Here is its consistent developer expertise whereas building a variety of different applications. Another important think that need here is its consistent developer expertise whereas building a variety of various apps.

Advantages of .NET Technology

  • Everything that you just see within the .NET framework is an object. It’s the same for what you write within the framework. This implies that you simply get a powerful tool to not just access but also control your apps.
  • We can simply maintain our application because of separation of concern.
  • In the same time we are able to split several developers work at a time. It won’t affect one developer work to another developer work.
  • It supports TTD (test-driven development). We are able to produce an application with unit test. We are able to write won test case.
  • Latest version of MVC Support default responsive website and mobile templates.
  • We can diminish large part of coding and save lots of time of developers because of the development method of .NET.
  • .NET additionally remains for its program checking. It will promptly see any issues like infinite loops, memory spills, and so on. Not only this, it will likewise demolish these activities automatically and restart itself.

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